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How do I use the Simply Laundry SoftTabs®?

Using the SoftTabs® is as easy as can be! For best results refer to the ‘How many SoftTabs® to use’ panel on the side of the tub and simply place the required number of SoftTabs® in to your washing machine’s soap dispenser drawer. The outer film dissolves immediately on contact with water and is in fact an important part of the washing and rinsing process! How clever is that?

If you have any queries about using Simply, or if you just want a chat about your laundry, simply call us on 0800 107 3454 – we’ll pay for the call and be happy to help!

How does it work?

The unique, patented sachet dissolves instantly on contact with water and begins to wash your clothes immediately so that they spend a longer time in the washing process actually being cleaned. The result? Cleaner clothes with no wasted water or electricity.

During the wash, oxygen-based cleaning agents are time-released ensuring they tackle stains throughout the cycle. Simply Powder-tabs (biological), our bio version of Simply Laundry uses clever little enzymes to dissolve those tough protein-based stains like blood and food.

All Simply Laundry’s ingredients dissolve completely to ensure there is absolutely no residue left on your clothes after rinsing. This ‘free rinsing’ effect ensures laundry is as clean as can be.

What’s the difference between Simply Laundry and my regular washing powder?

Simply Laundry is a concentrated formula designed to dissolve quickly creating the optimum washing solution for the whole of the washing cycle.

Interestingly, an average washing machine takes just 15 minutes to wash your clothes before starting its rinse and spin cycles; and when you consider that conventional detergent tablets can take up to seven minutes to dissolve fully, that means less time washing your clothes. What a waste of time and resource!

Simply Laundry dissolves in less than a minute and keeps on cleaning throughout the whole wash cycle.

Remember, many conventional washing powders contain unnecessary bulking agents put there to make you think you’re getting value for money. All it really means is more ‘dirty’ waste released into our rivers and waterways and a larger carbon footprint to boot!

Is Simply Laundry biodegradable?

Every single ingredient in our eco-smart washing system is biodegradable so Simply Sensitive and Simply Powder-tabs (biological) place the smallest possible burden on the environment.

How can Simply Laundry be as effective as conventional washing products, and be environmentally friendly?

This is where it all gets a bit ‘sciencey’…

…surfactants are molecules which do the cleaning and stop dirt from being put back on your clothes during the wash. The surfactants used in the Simply Laundry range are carefully selected to ensure anaerobic and aerobic biodegradability – which is a good thing! It means they break down rapidly into harmless substances in the environment and don’t harm our rivers or oceans.

The Simply Laundry wash system produces natural sanitisers as part of its unique patented wash system. We love these sanitisers as they also mean highly effective washing even at low temperatures in hard or soft water with the added bonus that they help kill harmful and smelly bacteria. Plus, along with all our other ingredients, the sanitisers break down rapidly into environmentally friendly residues.

Does Simply Powder-tabs (biological) have more chemicals in it than Simply Sensitive?

The ingredients of each product are slightly different, but fundamentally Simply Powder-tabs (biological) contains an enzyme blend which gives the ‘biological’ action that many customers require. Both products have been independently dermatologically tested. Simply Sensitive doesn’t contain enzymes and is perfect for sensitive skin – but rest assured, both clean brilliantly, and ‘free rinse’.

What does ‘Perfume’ mean – does Simply Laundry include artificial fragrances?

Many modern detergents and fabric softeners are often heavily perfumed. Simply Powder-tabs (biological) and Simply Sensitive (non-biological) contain a small amount of high quality, light perfume to give a pleasant rather than dominant or masking odour.

What’s in Simply Laundry?

The main ingredients of Simply Laundry are:

Simply biological Powder-tabs: 5 to 15% oxygen based bleaching agents, less than 5% anionic surfactants, non ionic surfactants, Contains optical brightener, Enzymes perfume

Simply Sensitive Powder-tabs: 5 to 15% oxygen based bleaching agents, less than 5% anionic surfactants, non ionic surfactants, Contains optical brightener and perfume

Simply Pure Powder-tabs: 5 to 15% oxygen based bleaching agents, less than 5% non ionic surfactants

Do Simply laundry products work on non-colourfast clothing?

Non-colourfast clothes will release dye even into plain water and as with all laundry detergents there would be dye transfer between coloured and non-coloured items in the same solution. So to avoid colour running, it’s best to take out any items you think may run and wash them separately at the lowest possible temperature and shortest cycle.

I want to buy a green washing product but they always cost so much more, don’t they?

It’s true that most laundry detergents promoting themselves as being ‘green’ can cost up to twice as much as normal washing powders.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a true green wash for the same price as traditional market leaders – and one which performs just as well, if not better!

What effects does Simply Laundry have on the environment when it leaves my washing machine?

We are all becoming more aware of the burden we place on the environment and although we don’t see it, waste water from our washing machines can find its way into our rivers, streams and oceans. So it is vital that we all consider carefully the washing products we use and their effect on the environment.

The most important environmental measurement for laundry products is called the CDV (critical dilution volume) test. During this laboratory test, scientists measure how much water is needed for the laundry detergent formulation to have no traceable environmental impact.

In short, Simply biodegrades to nothing soon after leaving your washing machine meaning that you can rest assured you’re not harming the environment with your waste water.

Saving water makes good environmental sense and there are areas where we can all save water during our day to day lives. How much water do we use? Well, here’s a rough guide to how much water we use on our everyday tasks:

  • Washing hands and face: 9 litres
  • Brushing teeth: 1 litre
  • Having a bath: 80 litres
  • Having a shower: 35 litres
  • Flushing the toilet: 8 litres
  • On average we consume 150 litres each per day (155 in London), which amounts to 2 baths full of water!

We’d be very interested to hear how you save water at home or at work. Write and let us know your water saving tips at: Helping Save the Planet, Enpac Ltd, Units 7 & 8 Barrowfield Business Park, Barrowfield Road, Thurnscoe, S63 0BF

Has the Simply range of products been tested on animals?

No! Our products have not been, nor ever will be, tested on animals. Full stop.

Is the packaging and paper used in the Simply tubs 100% recyclable?

Like you, we really hate landfill so all Simply tubs are 100% reusable and recyclable. Not only that, the Simply in-tub leaflets are printed on recycled paper and are also 100% recyclable.

Not many manufacturers can say that!

Do you have any advice for hand washing?

Do not soak non colour fast fabrics, silk, wool or leather articles or those with metal fasteners or flame retardant finishes.

Do not use an enamel bath for soaking.

If you have any doubts about a garment’s colour fastness then you should wash separately in cool water. If colour loss occurs do not soak and always wash separately.

Flame resistant finishes should not be washed above 50°C.

Always read garment care labels.