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What does 4-in-1, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 mean and what should I buy?

Many dishwash tablets require various, additional additives like salt, rinse-aid and glass protector to work well. The Simply Dishwash SoftTab® is a complete dishwash system with everything included so you don’t need to add anything for a sparkling clean wash – right through the load.

How has Simply Dishwash been tested?

We have put the product through an exhaustive series of independently conducted tests and passed them all with flying colours, proving that Simply Dishwash not only cleans all your crockery, pans, tins, cutlery and pots to new standards but it also has minimum impact on the environment.

The Salt and /or Rinse Aid light is lit on my dishwasher what do I do?

Despite what you may need to add into your machine with other dishwash products, everything your dishwasher might need is already included in the Simply Dishwash SoftTab® so there’s no need to add anything else for sparkling results!

Do I need to unwrap the SoftTab®?

Most dishwash tablets come in fiddly, individually wrapped packs which you have to remove before use. Our concentrated powder is contained in a dissolving sachet which completely disappears on contact with water. The sachet is very sensitive to moisture so it’s best to handle them with dry hands and reseal the pack after each use.

Do I still need to buy a dishwasher cleaner / freshener?

The chemical action of the Simply Dishwash washing system cleverly generates a mild and natural sanitiser during the wash cycle. This is an integral part of the cleaning process and is instrumental in not only cleaning your dishes but keeping your machine amazingly clean and fresh – so no need to waste money on any other products!

Other tablets clean, why is Simply Dishwash different?

Because the Simply Dishwash sachet and powder dissolve instantly on contact with water your dishes are being cleaned for the complete wash cycle. Most conventional tablets take a significant time to fully dissolve and therefore don’t begin the cleaning process straight away – wasting electricity.

Our very clever formulation has been created to produce a time release effect during the cycle which means the right amount of the right cleaning and rinsing agents are introduced into the wash at exactly the right time for truly spectacular results.

We don’t know of many dishwash manufacturers who have gone to so much trouble to create such an effective and eco-friendly product. Do you?

I live in a hard water area, what should I add?

Many of our customers live in hard water areas so we have formulated Simply Dishwash to contain gentle water softeners which make it effective however hard your water.

In addition Simply Dishwash helps fight limescale build-up in your dishwasher by producing natural sanitisers which act as a highly effective anti-scaler.

Is Simply Dishwash biodegradable?

Every single ingredient in our eco-smart dishwashing system is biodegradable so Simply places the smallest possible burden on the environment.

How can Simply Dishwash be as effective as conventional dishwashing products, and be environmentally friendly?

This is where it all gets a bit ‘sciencey’…

…surfactants are molecules which stop dirt from being put back on your dishes during the wash. The surfactants used in the Simply Dishwash range are carefully selected to ensure full anaerobic and aerobic biodegradability – which is a good thing! It means they break down rapidly into harmless substances in the environment and don’t harm our rivers.

The Simply Dishwash system produces a mild and natural sanitiser as part of its unique patented wash system. This acts as a highly effective antibacterial agent helping kill harmful and smelly bacteria. We love these sanitisers as they also mean highly effective washing in hard or soft water. Plus, along with all our other ingredients, they break down rapidly into environmentally friendly residues.

What’s the difference between Simply Dishwash and Simply Dishwash Citrus?

Simply Dishwash Citrus contains a very special eco friendly perfume which gives your machine a fresh, delightful citrus fragrance. Simply Dishwash leaves your machine fragrance free and like Citrus, as clean as the day you bought it.

I want to buy a green dishwashing product but they always cost so much more, don’t they?

It’s true that most tablets promoting themselves as being ‘green’ can cost up to twice as much as normal tablets.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you our environmentally dishwasher softabs for the same price as the market leaders – and one which we believe outperforms the competition

Simply Dishwasher Softabs are phosphate free and very economical in use

What’s in Simply Dishwash?

The main ingredients of Simply Dishwash are:

Simply Dishwash: 5 to 15% oxygen based bleaching agents, less than 5% non ionic surfactants, silicates, polycarboxylates, Enzymes (Protease, Amylase)

Simply Dishwash Citrus: 5 to 15% oxygen based bleaching agents, less than 5% non ionic surfactants, silicates, polycarboxylates, Enzymes (Protease, Amylase), perfume.

What effects does Simply Dishwash have on the environment when it leaves my machine?

We are all becoming more aware of the burden we place on the environment and although we don’t see it, waste from our washing machines can find its way into our rivers and streams. So it is vital that we all consider carefully the washing products we use and their effect on the environment.

The most important environmental measurement is called the CDV (critical dilution volume) test. During this laboratory test, scientists measure how much water is needed for a detergent formulation to have no traceable environmental impact.

In short, Simply bio degrades completely soon after leaving your machine meaning that you can rest assured you’re not harming the environment with your waste water.

Has the Simply range of products been tested on animals?

No! Simply products have not been, nor ever will be, tested on animals. Period.

Is the packaging and paper used in the Simply tub 100% recyclable?

Like you, we really hate landfill so all Simply packaging is 100% recyclable where facilities exist.

Not many manufacturers can say that!